Welcome to my site, and welcome to those that would want to know more about, the malware and Trojans and cyber attacks that are affecting millions of people world wide.  This is the home page, of the Batman, and my goal is to help as many people that I can to, win the fight on Cyber crime. Over the last year there has been more Vulnerabilities, to business computers all over the world. Microsoft had attacks on Windows OS, and they fixed it with the updated patch.

When you think about safety on your computer, you need a good anti-virus to combat all the dangers to your computer and your information.  That is why I push Kaspersky Labs Internet Total security,  The last couple of weeks there has been rumors that the US. Government has banned Kaspersky anti-virus from being sold to businesses and Gov. agencies.  This is because that they were stating that the anti-virus would be collecting data from the consumers.

To be honest that is a false statement, said the CEO of Kaspersky Labs, Eugene Kaspersky, Just because this is a Russian based business does not mean that they have connection to the Kremlin or anything like that.  Kaspersky Labs has been in business for 20 years, and I have been using the software for the the past 10 years.  With me being a programmer, and hearing this the last couple of weeks, I did forensics on my own computer to see if the allegation was correct, and at that time I did not see anything that would indicate such implications.